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Applications for Corrugated Plastic Products

MDI products have been tested in numerous industries and environments making it an ideal plastic solution.

Conveyor and Material Handling

If you are organizing parts in assembly operations, distributing mail within facilities, warehousing products, or transporting parts, corrugated plastic has unlimited material handling uses. Perfect for packaging of automated and supply chain systems including postal totes, shelving and carousel bins, automated storage and retrieval systems, dividers, cases and shipping containers.

Polypropylene Container

Warehouse Storage, Distribution, Transportation

Lightweight, easy to transport, reusable and returnable, many find corrugated plastic packaging ideal for storage, delivery and packing also dunnage, partitions, dividers, and sheets.

Storage Bin

Inter and Intra-Facility Parts Movement, Industrial and Manufacturing

When you need something stronger and tougher than fiberboard, yet light, water and stain resistant, corrugated plastic is the best solution. Manufacturers find it ideal for inventory, production control, and part protection on assembly and production lines.

bins with materials inside

Protective and Specialized Packaging

When looking for best protective packaging, corrugated plastic is the solution. It is versatile, durable, water resistant, recyclable, impact, shock, and vibration protectant. Ideal for electronics, devices, instruments, and inventory-control in hard and display cases.

Custom Medical Tote

General Office Areas and Mailrooms 

Corrugated plastic mail totes are popular and maintain the standard for mail handling and package dispatch in any mail center, mail room, office, or warehouse. The uses are endless: bulk sorting, storage, transportation of mail to other departments or locations, and distribution.

Mail Room


When transporting harvest, storage, fruit, vegetables, nuts, or flowers, these industries need a water resistant, recyclable, reusable solution that is sturdy and visually pleasing to the eye.

Harvest Tote

Reusable and Recycling

More eco-friendly than some molded packaging, which cannot be recycled, corrugated plastic is lightweight, recyclable, strong, versatile, reusable, weather and chemical resistant – all desired features of this application.

Recycling Bin