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Custom Product Packaging Services

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Did lack of equipment or labor hold you back from opportunities last year? Labor challenges can be a frustrating inconvenience -- make a change with MDI's custom product packaging services.

Businesses look to MDI to provide primary and secondary retail packaging applications to improve efficiency and quality. MDI offers contract custom retail packaging services to improve your operations.

Our team can organize, protect, store and transport your products all while meeting deadlines and quality standards, even for high-volume projects with fast turnaround! Already know what you need or wondering if we can provide a specific, custom packaging service? Request a quote to see how MDI could improve your bottom line.

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Why Outsource Packaging Services to MDI?

MDI can provide contract packaging services to improve efficiency and production rates of your core, basic, and/or complex projects. From blister box packaging services to full medical device assembly services, our ISO 13485 and 19001 certified services give your business the edge and time to get more done this quarter and the next. See how choosing MDI as your contract packaging supplier could impact your business for the better.

  • Offers consistent quality control you can rely on
  • Provides increased flexibility for seasonal demands, growth or urgent projects
  • Improves core operational efficiency and supply chain production
  • Frees up time and warehouse space for your other operations or increased production
  • Helps you maintain focus on core competencies
  • Transport, organization, and warehouse storage also available
  • And more, contact us to ask about all of our equipment options!

Related Contract Packaging Services for all Industries

MDI provides an array of contract production services for companies in nearly all industry segments. See how we can support your entire production process to help you increase production in every quarter.
Assembly I Sorting I Collating | Medical Device Assembly
Markets:  Agriculture | Food & Beverage I Medical | Personal Care I Manufacturing I Retail

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Packaging Equipment Available for Any Project

MDI can provide warehouse space and the necessary equipment needed for your contract packaging projects. We can also use your equipment in our warehouse, and provide white room certified assembly options as well. Here is a list of machines we can provide for production projects.

  • High Speed Shrink Wrap
  • Banding & Bundling Machines
  • Poly Bag Sealers
  • L-Bar Shrink Wrap
  • Sonic Welders
  • Auto Delta Punch Machines
  • Batch Counters & Auto Feeders
  • Blister Packaging
  • Digital Scales
  • Gluing & Heat Sealing
  • Label & Hang Tab Applicators
  • Wire Bending
  • CNC & CAD systems
  • And more.

Contact our team to see how we can combine our resources to create the most efficient production process for your projects.

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Our Solutions in Action

A fragrance company was seeking a contract manufacturer to co-pack their growing product line. Primary packaging and secondary contents were shipped directly to MDI's Minneapolis facility, which streamlined the company's distribution to end retailers. MDI provided hand assembly, liquid filling, labeling, cartoning, and retail packaging services to help them increase their bottom line.

Find a Solution That Meets Your Packaging Needs.

Increase your production and focus on new opportunities while maintaining product quality and design. Deliver more this year with help from MDI's experienced team!

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