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Contract Production Services

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Manufacturers, retailers and distributors are looking for easier, less expensive and more efficient ways to bring products to market. MDI provides contract production services so companies can stay  focused on core competencies and grow business.

MDI's outsourced kitting & assembly services can help produce and distribute products faster so businesses don't have to invest in costly equipment, labor and resources. Our ability to store, assemble and ship product all from one location can significantly reduce the costs of shuttling items between manufacturing, assembly and storage.

Why Use Contract Production Services:

  • Optimizes manufacturing operations & production output
  • Reduces storage & inventory costs
  • Offers cost effect labor management
  • Provides quick response to increased demand

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Our Solutions in Action

Retailer was looking to make their supply chain more efficient. MDI offered product assembly and testing at our Minneapolis facility which is equipped with the quality ISO 9001:2015 certification and labor to facilitate. The national retailer was able drop-ship their goods, have them assembled and tested, packaged and shipped all within one facility. This allowed the retailer to meet growing online customer demand.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified