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We're saluting people who’ve stepped ahead, above and beyond in the name of equitable opportunity and employment for people with disabilities.

Do you know someone who has taken purposeful, innovative steps in advancing opportunities and access to people with disabilities? Nominate them and we’ll feature their story.

Ability Pioneers – Meet Phil Steger

This month we feature Phil Steger, the mastermind behind the uber popular Northeast Minneapolis distillery and lounge, Brother Justus Whiskey Company. Six years in the making, Steger and its leadership team have created an inclusive, welcoming space to enjoy made-from-Minnesota libations surrounded by great company.

Read Phil’s Story Here


UnitedHealth Group Launches Successful Disability Inclusion Internship Program

UnitedHealth Group’s Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity Center of Excellence has launched the Disability Inclusion Internship Program. The career-development program, formed in partnership with disability workforce development agencies and nonprofit community partners, is open to all individuals with disabilities who have a desire to gain corporate experience in a diverse workforce with an inclusive culture.

Read Andrea & Mike’s story.

Paul at Boston Scientific Opens Avenue of Potential

Boston Scientific is committed to sustaining a culture of inclusion that welcomes everyone, where everyone can feel valued, appreciated and respected. Learn how Lead Production Supervisor and the head of the Boston Scientific LEAD (Leadership, Education and Allies for Disabilities) employee resource group, Paul, is helping to advance disability inclusion both in day-to-day work and throughout the company.

Read Paul’s story.


MDI employee Jared Perez excels at rare skill, boosts confidence

Testing shingles for roofing is no easy task. It requires great precision, memory, self-sufficiency and attention to detail. During his short time with MDI, 24-year-old Jared Perez has become one of MDI’s most reliable shingle testers – a rare, yet very important, skill.

Read Jared’s story story. 


Calling All Ability Pioneers!

Do you know someone who has taken purposeful, innovative steps in advancing opportunities and access to people with disabilities? Nominate them and we’ll feature their story.

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Entrepreneur Overcomes Work Shortage by Breaking Down Barriers

Small business owners are often worried about the bottom line and day-to-day operations. Read how Lewie and Marcus are breaking down preconceived notions and pioneering a work model that creates opportunity and job satisfaction for people of all abilities. 

Read Lewie & Marcus’s story.


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Staffing Agency Helps Shift Hiring Perspective

Many individuals who face barriers want to work and are fully capable of doing so, but the barriers they face may prevent them from getting the opportunity to show their talents. Learn how the DPI team is helping business owners and managers understand that a disability is just one part of who a person is, and that it doesn’t define what a person can or cannot do.

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Local Athlete to Represent Minnesota at National Special Olympics

During the work week Ben juggles two jobs and on the weekend he’s practicing to win the gold. Read how Ben is applying his skills he’s learned at work to help him prepare for the USA National Special Olympics competition on June 5-12, 2022. 

Read Ben’s story.

Special Olympics Minnesota medalist

Lily Lands Job and Dream Apartment

Life is full of transitions, and one of the more remarkable ones occurs when we get ready to leave high school and go out in the world as young adults. After Lily graduated she didn’t know where she’d work or if she’d ever live independently. Read how just one opportunity changed her life forever. 

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TJ Brings Personal Experience to Drive Diverse Thinking

When TJ was 11 he realized his best friend and cousin had Down Syndrome. From there, his experiences shaped his thoughts of disability inclusion and paved the way to a career field he never imagined.

Ready TJ’s story. 

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Old National Bank Achieves More By Including All Abilities

Service and culture are the cornerstone of the banking industry – especially at Old National Bank. Learn how Dan and team have launched a mentorship program, Achieve Ability, to help over 300 youth with disabilities prepare for a future in the financial industry.

Read Ben’s story. 


Star Services Leads Disability Inclusion Training

Possessing the skills needed to successfully perform higher-paying jobs in the 21st century remains a significant barrier to employment for people with disabilities. And for a person with a disability, a job means much more than a paycheck. It means independence, self-confidence and security. That’s why MDI teamed with Betsy to create the Career Skills program.

Read Betsy’s story.