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Reseller Resource Guide

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Whether you need to look up information about corrugated plastic, it's applications, get specs, or find marketing materials to support a lead gen campaign, MDI is making it easier than ever to help you find the things that are most important for your business and your customers.

Reseller Experience

MDI doesn't offer retail store or sell directly to your customers, and we are committed to keeping it that way. We are your trusted partner, working together to deliver exceptional customer service to meet your business goals.

Exclusive Incentives and Promotions

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Solving Industry Solutions

Having access to a full line of standard and custom plastic products is the perfect complement to your business, providing more packaging solutions to fit your customers' needs. Selling MDI's corrugated plastic solutions can help you expand on your offerings and earn you more money.

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Partnerships Not Projects

MDI offers marketing experts focused on your success.  We're a dedicated team of industry experts who will work with you to strategize and execute campaigns to promote MDI corrugated plastics with customized materials, training guides, design and content services.

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